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GEMRECORD : Artis and Band

GEMRECORD : Artis and Band

Here are the artists on gemrecord :



Gem is a multi-talented musician, writer and producer. She set up UK Record Company Gem Records in 1998 with the idea of releasing her own music through the company and on the web. The Hemel Hempstead based musician has developed many solo artists and bands careers and now writes and produces professionally with Nick Kirkland for the Internationally acclaimed Hasbro. Action Man is amongst the many products she is commissioned to write for. She released her first album “Jam” in 2000 on the label. She also has her own band “Gem and the Stones”.


Gem and the Stones

Gem and The Stones

Gem and the Stones are a high energy punk rock female three piece. Gem plays guitar and sings, whilst the Stones Mel plays bass and keyboards, and Sarah plays drums. Their first album was recorded in December 2005.


Nick Kirkland

Nick has been producing chart bands and artists for over 10 years. He also plays bass, and writes and produces for Hasbro, with Action Man being on the top of the list. He has worked at the famous Swanyard Studios in London and was headhunted by Pete Winkleman’s Castle Records.Artists include Bjork, Dido, Rob Dougan, and Primal Scream.


Mr Safe

Mr Safe is a muso-comic, bringing you adult musical sketches on themes such as child safety warnings on being streetwise.